Become A Seller On Our Platform

You bring the skill. We'll make earnings as easy as 1,2,3

How Does This Work?

Create a Proposal

Once you create an account, all you have to do to become a seller is to create a proposal/service. Make sure you proposal is clear and captivating. Potential customers actually read through your content.

Submit Proposal

After you've created your amazing proposal/service, submit it so the admin can make sure everything looks good. Admins rarely decline proposals, however, make sure everything looks good before submitting.

Get Orders. All over the World.

Yay! so your proposal/service was approved by the admin. Now's the good part, start receiving a ton of orders from customer from all over the World. Just perform your very best on every single order.

Deliver Masterpieces

Once you've received orders, try your very best to satisfy your customers. This is very important for return customers and amazing reviews. Communication is key, make sure you are in touch with your customer.

Rate Your Customers

A lot of customers do check their own ratings. It is important to rate customers based on their behaviour during the order process. This is important for other sellers, and for the admins. Most sellers give 5 stars.

Withdraw your earnings. To UPI directly.

Get paid on time, every time. After the customer approves and accepts the order, payment is transferred in your earnings wallet and eligible to withdraw after Order Clearance/Verification period (T+2 days). Then, you can transfer from your wallet to your UPI bank address.

Pricing and Seller Levels

Everyone starts as New seller, Only the best goes forward
Seller Level Minimum Completed Orders required Minimum Positive Ratings required Platform Fees*
New seller - 0 star >10 - 15%
Level 1 - 1 star 10 85% 12%
Level 2 - 2 star 25 95% 8%
Level 3 - 3 star 50 100% 5%
Note: To reach next Level, Both criteria's must be fulfilled i.e You should have reached minimum orders and minimum ratings to reach next level automatically.
* Excluding, GST and Govt. taxes on fees amount.

Code of Conduct

Some House Rules and Tips for sellers

Complete your Profile

First thing after signup you should do is to have a good professional profile. Go to Profile settings. Set your picture, City location, UPI address, Cover images, Skillsets, Languages and create proposals. Serious Buyer's check Sellers profile always.

Clear Proposal description

Clearly describe what the buyer should expect from you and your proposal. Dont set Over-expectations. Add images, videos showing your work. Set clear title, category, time and prices to increase your chance of order.

Transparent Communication

Once you receive an order, be transparent and clear in chat. Send timely response. Do not accept a job if you are overbooked. Even communicate, if the work will get late due to any reason. Most Buyers will respect your transparent communication.

Respect your Buyer

No cultural biases or communication of that sort will be tolerated. Repecting the customer as king has long been an indian culture tradition. Please follow that. It works for Business.

Dont Cheat or Misuse the system.

Sharing personal details like email contact or UPI or website links for outside ordering is not allowed. If you are found misusing or cheating our system, it can lead to permanent account blockage and suspension.

Only order through bharatgigs

To be a long-term Seller, you should receive orders through bharatgigs system only. Buyers can create custom orders from Chat itself.

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