Given the state of declining full-time jobs, Gig economy or freelancing economy is growing worldwide and everyone want to be one. But there is a lack of clarity and so much confusion and noise surrounding freelancing. If this sounds like you, then this post is for you. 

We get it, you want to start a freelancing career but you have no idea about it, and what it really means to be in reality. This post is about how to start and what to expect from it. 

Before you start to know the How(the process) to become a freelancer consultant. You should start with answering your Why (your reason).

The Why?

Freelancing means living and working the way you want but it doesn't mean it is for everyone. It is for people who want freedom and independence yet have the courage to be self-motivated to work on their own. A freelancer is a self-starter independent self-employed solo business person. It means to carry yourself up. It means to reach out and score clients on your own. It means to make your own living with 100% responsibility. You need to show up everyday on your own. 

This post is not meant to be make you feel demotivated. Infact, keeping reality in check is essential for setting expectations. Thats why this is a warm up post and reality check for those who want to join the bandwagon of independence. It has its costs. 

But remember, you are not alone.

You see, I was a freelancer when so few Indian freelancer existed. I have worked remotely for clients in US, Spain, India, UK on multiple projects and i have loved every part of it. Besides Money, I seek Independence and gain control of the way I want to live and work. I have travelled and worked from Hills, from cafes, co-working spaces all on my own. But, that doesn't mean it is boring and lonely sometime. It will be, It will have dry periods, but you will develop a hustling strength and carry yourself forward. 

I am sure, you will ponder before leaving your job or considering this perspective in your mind for your Why? 

Coming to How?

Becoming a freelancer is easy once you have decided to become one. There are many opportunities and sites online to show yourself up. There are career networks like Linkedin where you can reach out to people or vice-versa for freelancing projects. 

To start with, here is a breakdown of steps: 

Step 1: Sign up on is India exclusive freelancer marketplace that is focussed solely for Bharat. Thus the name. It is open to Indian freelancers only and exclusively for the Indian market and businesses. 

The aim of is to make it easy for everyone to start a new business, run and manage their business easily. We truly believe its time for India.

To signup as a seller, go to

and register yourself up. 

Step 2: Create a proposal or service you offer

A proposal is where you define your services, various pricing package options and time to complete the job with clear descriptions and images. 

After signing up, you can create a proposal to offer your services to others. You can go to Dashboard > Selling > My proposals > Create new proposals

You can create unlimited proposals. Once a proposal is created admin and our team verifies it and lists it on website. 

Step 3: Fulfil clients orders

Now, you have officially created proposals and listed on website. Now the Buyers, can reach out to you and order your services directly. They can chat with you before and after they place an order. You will have to complete the order as per your service package ordered by your client. 

Step 4: Withdraw your earnings

Once you complete the orders on time, your earning will be sent to your bharatgigs wallet. From there you can withdraw it to your UPI bank account. 

The payments are done within T+2 days.

Step 5: That's it. 

Thats' it. You are now a freelancer consultant officially on bharatgigs. 

Step 6: Promote yourself with unique url

After you create a freelancer profile on bharatgigs. you also get unique page with your services that you can use to promote and get more business. You can promote on social media or send to your existing clients for positive reviews and ratings. 

Who can become a freelancer consultant? 

You can sell any service that can be offered online.
  • You can be a logo designer who can create logos for brands,
  • digital marketer do can marketing for any business,
  • legal consultants who can offer legal advice in various categories such as divorce/civil cases,
  • a business consultant who can help people start their business like starting how to start a cafes, legal document required etc.
  • video content creator for other youtubers, 
  • blog writer, writing for various startup and websites,
  • photoshop designer
  • write business plans and 
  • create apps or websites
  • e-commerce product photography service
  • help with business license
  • business presentations
  • even gaming tutorials

There are multiple categories that you can explore on and start with one that you are good at and have experience with. 

  • I hope to see you on your freelancing career journey. Feel free to comment or ask anything. Or, you can reach out to bharatgigs support team on